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About Vertie Total Health

Vertie Total Health is the most comprehensive self-management solution on the market!!

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Why Choose Vertie Total Health ?

Vertie Total Health makes managing your health and wellness easier.

  • You are in control and own your data.
  • Saves time by having tools and resources in one place.
  • Build a supportive community.
  • Team up with people involved in your health and wellness.

Know. Track. Learn. Share. Connect.

Three unique experiences that focus on role relevant health and wellness are offered. Choose the experience that's right for you!

Key Features

Three User Groups

The only platform to connect consumers, executives & workforce

Multilingual and multicultural

Available in 24 languages with translation and speech features

Clinical Grade Data

Enabled with the Biovotion Everion wearable for monitoring with clinical grade data

Virtual care delivery model

Enterprise version to extend healthcare into the community and home


Designed to support a global community


Offers a variety of guided and therapeutic activities